Past Life Insight – Bleed Through

path2The air felt chilly for mid-September, but to Emily it was refreshing. As she walked down the path from the house she had recently purchased, everything seemed so new.

Her life had changed tremendously in the last month. She often found herself pondering if it were a dream.

She wore a simple cream dress with a floral burgundy pattern. Her shoes were flat and functional, perfect for the walk down to the pond that bordered the property.

This had become a daily ritual for Emily. It calmed her and helped her release her past. A mere month ago she was wearing bright, fancy costumes and entertaining in Paris’ Moulin Rouge.

Full of confidence and outgoing passion, Emily had one goal while working at the Moulin Rouge – to earn enough money to buy a small house on a piece of land. However because she was extremely good at her job, it made leaving difficult. Her clients and boss tried endlessly to sabotage her departure.

Then late one night Emily retrieved her moneybox from its hiding place and quietly left town. She had to travel a long distance to finally feel beyond their grasp. But to truly feel free proved so much more elusive.

The way people looked at her, the way men smiled and tipped their hats, everything made Emily question if the town’s people knew about her past. She strived to be quiet, small, and insignificant. She rarely when off her property, and spent most of her time at the pond.duck3

One day Emily discovered a family of ducks splashing in the cool water. She brought them scraps of bread and seeds, and spent hours watching their antics.

The ducks gave her peace. They represented freedom. They represented hope.


Often it’s the simply things that bleed through from lifetime to lifetime. Things that have an unexplainable affect on us. Things that make us feel happy or safe. Or even things that stir our creativity, passion, or self-confidence.

In this life a young, shy girl came to see me wanting to feel more confident. She felt small and insignificant, and had trouble expressing herself. The only times she felt sure of herself was when she dressed up as a courtesan from Moulin Rouge. She even visited the notorious site in Paris.

However, when she was afraid or unsure of herself, when she wanted to feel safe but free and hopeful, she would surround herself with her stuffed animals.

Can you guess?

From a young age she has collected stuffed animals – stuffed ducks.


Look around you.

What do you decorate your home with? Your office?

What makes you feel safe? Feel confident?

What has bled through from your other lives?

Past Life Insight – Why do I keep attracting certain kinds of people into my life?

magnetAn individual’s journey is not just for them.

While in the In-Between (the place between lives), souls create scripts with other souls. They choose whom they want to play with and what kind of roles each will have. These characters guide each other and help with learning life lessons.

Scripts are intertwined.

One soul’s story may require a father who ignores them. While another soul’s story may involve being a father too busy for his children. Since the stories complement each other, the souls can create one script to aid them both.

This does not ensure if one succeeds the other does as well. No, it simply means they have agreed to journey together through that particular life.

If there is an alcoholic in your life, for example, the alcoholic and you are working on something that scenario can help with. Just because you are not the alcoholic, does not mean you are not learning from the issue. Of course you are, only from a different angle – a different lesson.

So look around you. See what is happening in your world. Someone else’s story may be key to figuring out yours.

Past Life Insight – Why do I keep rehashing the same issues?

cycleMany of my clients tell me they have “dealt with” an issue. The issue belongs in the past, and has no relevance on their current situation.

Unfortunately as life continues, they seem to constantly be reminded of that issue or incident. A comment or event triggers the memory, and they find themselves surrounded by those same feelings.

Unless you figure out why the issue keeps coming into your life – figure out the life lesson – the issue will continue coming into your life. And usually the severity of the situations escalates along the way.

Events in your life with similar themes that invoke similar feelings are what the soul uses to help you learn your life lessons. The subconscious keeps bringing these events to the surface as clues to make you stop and learn. It’s telling you there is something hidden within the experience you need to discover. Learning is how your soul grows.

Therefore, regardless if you believe you have dealt with an issue, if the situation or situations keep resurfacing, you haven’t.

So don’t deal with issues by putting them on a shelf. Look for key information. Things that bug you. Things that you just can’t seem to leave behind. Remember, anything that stings still contains something for you to find.

Take the time to look. Take old “dealt with” issues off the shelf, so you can figure them out once and for all.

This is the only way to end the cycle.

Past Life Insight – Where is my soul mate?

holding-handsSarah traveled half way around the world to find her soul mate. He was in an unhappy marriage, living in a small village off the coast of Africa. There was no way he could move to Canada to be with his soul mate. And Sarah wasn’t going to leave her high-tech life of to live in such a primitive world.

The only reason they met was to shake up their lives.

Their souls had made a deal to stay apart until they had accomplished specific things. Since they were not making any progress towards these goals, Sarah and Kobe met to remind them. Their souls arranged this serendipitous meeting to get the physical them back on track, learning their life lessons.

In this life, Sarah and Kobe were not meant to be together.

Remember souls have hundreds of lives to be together. So sometimes, for certain reasons, souls agree to be apart.

Sarah could have, and most likely would have, spent a lot of time, money, and energy trying to force something that her soul would have ultimately sabotaged. The insight that they were not supposed to be together allowed Sarah to move on. She got beyond the “what ifs” and began living in her “now”.

If you are supposed to be with your soul mate, your soul will find a way. Trust that your subconscious, which is connected directly to your soul, has your best interest in mind.

If however, you want more than to live on trust, start communicating with your subconscious. The answers are there, within you.

Insight is the key to understanding.

Past Life Insight – Weekly Post #1

Questions help us learn.

Since my clients and students are always asking such great questions, I have decided to answer them in a weekly blog post.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will answer them as well.


Question 1: How do you know the past lives you see are connected to that specific person?

When I put someone under hypnosis, connect to their subconscious, or access the Akashic records I look for some key piece of information that will validate the process. I want to have some detail come up that would be impossible for me to know in any other way. The first session I gave, when considering doing past life reading professionally, is a perfect example.

A female in her mid-twenties answered my advertisement for a free past life reading. That was all I knew about her. Other than an exchange of names, we had no discussion prior to the reading.

In the past life I saw she was a young man living by the Amazon River. During the day he often travelled down the river to collect herbs and such for his grandfather. When the boy was done his chores, he would linger at the side of the water.

piranhaAt first I thought he was fishing. However, when he attached some bait to a fabricated fishing line, he would simply play with the piranha. He watched the hungry fish jump out of the water, trying to snatch the elusive morsel of food. The boy laughed as he lower the bait in and out.

This was just a piece of the story, but when it was over I asked, “Does anything stand out from this past live?”

Her words shocked me.

“When I was young, my brother had a friend. We would go over to his house and I remember spending hours playing with his fish. They were piranhas and I would dangle food over the tank and watch them jump.”

“Where did you live,” I asked.

Her reply, “I’ve lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, all my life.”

I had never heard of people owning piranhas in Edmonton and I had lived there all my life. I had never seen a piranha other than on TV. And now we discover the same pastime in two lifetimes – too bizarre for coincidence.

There was no way I could have accidentally happened upon piranhas. This was my validation.

And since that day, these types of bizarre things continue to happen in my sessions all the time. There is always something that bleeds through, transfers from past lives to the current. We often repeat behaviours or possess items that remind us of our previous lives.