The Language of the Universe

buzz2A couple weeks ago my dog passed away and I discovered something – dogs don’t talk. I mean I know they don’t “talk”, but I realized they don’t communicate any different after they have passed away.

Usually when I connect to the other side or dimension or whatever you call it, I just talk to who I need to and they talk back. I never questioned different languages because I always knew what they were saying.

My dog didn’t talk to me. He just showed me pictures.

I saw him running through a field, playing with my other childhood pets. My father was there, and they are all having a great time. They’re okay and they’re happy.

I know I am visual. All my work is done primarily through my “seeing” things from the other side. Now I realize that pictures are truly the universal language. I get most of my information through what I am shown.

I also get information from the feelings given off by those involved. It’s the energy emitted as events transpire in the pictures.

These two things combined is how I perceive things. For me, information is communicated through pictures and feelings.

So if you are trying to access past lives or even spirits from the other side, take note that the memories and corresponding feelings that pop into your mind – is a form of communication.


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