Transferring Skills from Past Lives

musicThere are many reasons to review past lives. One most people do not know about is to bring back skills to your current life.

One of my clients was a shy, high school graduate looking for her first job. She had a difficult time expressing herself, especially her strengths and what she could offer an organization.

We went back to a life where she was a confident woman who found her strength early in life. She learned quickly how to persuade those around her and control her life and destiny.

The girl, who walked into my office that day, walked out a different woman. By remembering who she had been we brought back some key traits. We skipped right over building confidence to having confidence.

There are lots of skills that can be transferred. Musicality, public speaking, productivity, fertility, and humor are just a few.

Be aware however, that sometimes there are reasons these skills are not in one’s current life. Sometime we write these abilities out of our lives for specific reasons which can be important to the script or life lesson we are working on.

baby1For example many people write children out of their lives. It is interesting to note the difference between those who are at peace with that decision, and those desperately wanting children anyways.

So although skills can be transferred into your current life, remember to check and see why they were not written-in in the first place.

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