Why explore past lives?

questionPeople come to the physical plane to learn.

Somewhere along the way the person sees something they do not understand. They are confused, puzzled. “Why did that person do that? How come that person didn’t do it this way?” Or more specifically, “Why did they kill that person? Why didn’t they help that person? Why would that person commit suicide? How can they let that child be bullied? How can they be so prejudice? How could a mother leave her child?”

As a result of the person and soul’s confusion, the soul wants to understand. The person’s subconscious and soul bring experiences into the individual’s life to help them figure it out and understand the puzzling situation.

If the individual doesn’t figure it out by the end of their life, the soul creates subsequent lives to help them. Along the way some souls get frustrated and some get stuck.

By exploring past lives, individuals can see what their soul is working on. They can also see what their soul have already done in their journey to understand. And they can create a plan to answer the original question, i.e. learn the life lesson.


Past life review helps get stuck souls unstuck and back on the path of learning. Once the souls understand what they hadn’t, they no long need to experience certain events in their lives. The person’s future situations change because they no longer need to research that specific question.

If you are stuck in repeating cycles of similar events, your soul is trying to learn something. Past life insight can help you figure out what you are trying to learn, so you can move on.

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