Good books to read if you have time over the holidays

murphy  newton  webster  both

  • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss
  • Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories by Richard Webster
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate
  • The Portal to Past Life Insight & The Portal to Finding Life Lesson by Lynn C. LeBlanc
  • For fiction lovers – The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose

Why explore past lives?

questionPeople come to the physical plane to learn.

Somewhere along the way the person sees something they do not understand. They are confused, puzzled. “Why did that person do that? How come that person didn’t do it this way?” Or more specifically, “Why did they kill that person? Why didn’t they help that person? Why would that person commit suicide? How can they let that child be bullied? How can they be so prejudice? How could a mother leave her child?”

As a result of the person and soul’s confusion, the soul wants to understand. The person’s subconscious and soul bring experiences into the individual’s life to help them figure it out and understand the puzzling situation.

If the individual doesn’t figure it out by the end of their life, the soul creates subsequent lives to help them. Along the way some souls get frustrated and some get stuck.

By exploring past lives, individuals can see what their soul is working on. They can also see what their soul have already done in their journey to understand. And they can create a plan to answer the original question, i.e. learn the life lesson.


Past life review helps get stuck souls unstuck and back on the path of learning. Once the souls understand what they hadn’t, they no long need to experience certain events in their lives. The person’s future situations change because they no longer need to research that specific question.

If you are stuck in repeating cycles of similar events, your soul is trying to learn something. Past life insight can help you figure out what you are trying to learn, so you can move on.

Viewing One’s Death

death-bed-1When looking at a past life it is very important to review the person’s death.

The idea of going through your death in a previous life is often scary. Why we do it? And how will it feel? People are scared of the unknown, so to alleviate some of the fear here is the why and the how.

The main reason we go through the death scene is because it contains a lot of information. As people pass from the physical world they think about their regrets, what could have been, what they never got the chance to do, or what they were too afraid to do.

This information goes into the creation of the next life.

“She seemed nice. I should have asked her out.” So in the next life you incorporate her into your story to give you the opportunity once again.

“I wish I had loving, supportive parents.” So in the next life you look for those qualities in the parents you choose.

“I never understood his view about women.” So in the next life you put your soul into a similar character to understand his views.

The thoughts you have as you exit your life shape who you are and your situation in your next incarnation. Therefore, knowing those thoughts from a past life helps you understand what you wrote into your current life and why.

How it feels can be different for different people and different lives. I encourage individuals to watch their death. This means pulling themselves out of their previous body to be a witness to the event not an active participant.

By watching the scene the individual is more removed from the physical and emotional feelings which that physical body is going through. This does not mean it is not emotional – because seeing one’s own death is always emotional. It just means it is less so.

Physically, however, it is much less. You can watch the person gasping for breath, or be skewered by a cutlass. You can empathize with their situation, but you do not feel it in your physical body.battle

Sometimes the pain of death in a previous life lingers into the next life. By going through the death scene it also provides the perfect opportunity to disassociate those pains. Once the origin of the pain is discovered and disconnected, it can be left in the previous life. This is extremely helpful in getting rid of chronic unexplained pain in a current life.

Plus, seeing one’s death gives the individual the needed perspective to honour that life. Each life is significant, and when you discover the details of a past life it should be considered and honoured as such. Imagine looking back on your current life. You would want it to be viewed as something of importance and handled with respect.

Know the importance of reviewing the death scene of a previous life hugely outweighs any perceived drawbacks. It is a vital component of all past life journeys.

My Second Book

I am happy to announce my second book is now available. It is about past lives and life lessons. Order on-line from Friesen Press Bookstore or see my website for more details.

I hope you all enjoy the book and can apply the concepts in your own life. Remember the worksheets at the end of the book are exercises specifically designed for you and your journey.


Remember the first book is also still available.


Thanks again for all your continued support!

13 Things to Know About Past Lives

  1. You die in each one.
  2. You were a man in some.cemetary2
  3. You were a woman in some.
  4. You died peacefully in some.
  5. You died tragically in some.
  6. You were kind in some.
  7. You were not kind in some.
  8. You learn something in every life.
  9. The regrets in your life shape your next life.
  10. You are written into other people’s journeys.
  11. You affect other soul’s journeys in each life.
  12. The easiest way to guarantee who you will be in your next life is to hate them in this one.
  13. You create the general script for each life.

Transferring Skills from Past Lives

musicThere are many reasons to review past lives. One most people do not know about is to bring back skills to your current life.

One of my clients was a shy, high school graduate looking for her first job. She had a difficult time expressing herself, especially her strengths and what she could offer an organization.

We went back to a life where she was a confident woman who found her strength early in life. She learned quickly how to persuade those around her and control her life and destiny.

The girl, who walked into my office that day, walked out a different woman. By remembering who she had been we brought back some key traits. We skipped right over building confidence to having confidence.

There are lots of skills that can be transferred. Musicality, public speaking, productivity, fertility, and humor are just a few.

Be aware however, that sometimes there are reasons these skills are not in one’s current life. Sometime we write these abilities out of our lives for specific reasons which can be important to the script or life lesson we are working on.

baby1For example many people write children out of their lives. It is interesting to note the difference between those who are at peace with that decision, and those desperately wanting children anyways.

So although skills can be transferred into your current life, remember to check and see why they were not written-in in the first place.

The Language of the Universe

buzz2A couple weeks ago my dog passed away and I discovered something – dogs don’t talk. I mean I know they don’t “talk”, but I realized they don’t communicate any different after they have passed away.

Usually when I connect to the other side or dimension or whatever you call it, I just talk to who I need to and they talk back. I never questioned different languages because I always knew what they were saying.

My dog didn’t talk to me. He just showed me pictures.

I saw him running through a field, playing with my other childhood pets. My father was there, and they are all having a great time. They’re okay and they’re happy.

I know I am visual. All my work is done primarily through my “seeing” things from the other side. Now I realize that pictures are truly the universal language. I get most of my information through what I am shown.

I also get information from the feelings given off by those involved. It’s the energy emitted as events transpire in the pictures.

These two things combined is how I perceive things. For me, information is communicated through pictures and feelings.

So if you are trying to access past lives or even spirits from the other side, take note that the memories and corresponding feelings that pop into your mind – is a form of communication.


Ramifications of Being Connected

connection1Many new age philosophers claim people are connected in a high-level sense of the word. The energy we are made of and the energy of others intertwines. Some say, since energy is not created or destroyed, bits of us could have been bits of individuals long dead.

I have a basic philosophy about accessing peoples’ past lives. And it’s based on the belief that we are all connected. It is the fact that we are all connected which allows me to see other people’s stuff, be it past lives or other information.

However, because we are all connected, their subconscious, higher conscious, and/or soul know what I am doing. Being connected is a two-way street. Information goes both ways. And because their subconscious knows what I am doing, it has the ability to shut me out.

I have had individuals reuse healing Reiki I have sent them, even when they do not know consciously that I have sent it. However, when this happens the individual seems to have an overwhelming need to talk to me. They seem to want to figure out who I am and what I’m about. So even when they don’t know, they know.

As a result of this philosophy and the personal experiences I have had, I know that if a person doesn’t want me to see or know something, or they are not ready for the information – they can easily block me from getting it.connection3


Hints to Finding Your Past Lives


Here’s a list of simple questions that can help you identify some of your past life locations and themes.




  1. Where have you always wanted to go? Why?
  2. Where wouldn’t you go, even if it was free? Why?
  3. What periods in history do you like to learn about?  (era & location)
  4. Do you have any phobias or fears? Why?
  5. What are your favorite movies or books? Why?
  6. Do you have any pet peeves? Why?

Past Life Insight – Compulsive Behaviours

hoardingA woman goes through most of her life conforming to societal norms. Then one day she becomes a hoarder.

The house she once kept so clean is now packed so full of stuff she can barely get in the front door. She sleeps in the living room because she can’t see her bed through all the stuff. And the bathroom and kitchen are just as bad.

Her family is shocked by the change.

What happened?

She was tripped.

A memory from a past life bled though to this life. Something she saw or heard triggered a past life memory which in-turn triggered this new behaviour.

What trips a person is unique to each individual. Their stories are never the same.

And even though the hoarding behaviour may be the same among different individuals that does not mean their past lives were.

In addition, hoarding is not the only behaviour that can result from a past life memory. Panic attacks, intense jealousy, germophobia, chronic worry, and body integrity identity disorder are just a few other conditions that can result from tripping past life memories.

One must discover the meaning behind why they were tripped and the life lessons the past life is trying to teach, in order to understand the behaviour. And understanding the behaviour is the only way to change it.

(Read last week’s post to learn more about being tripped.)