Good books to read if you have time over the holidays

murphy  newton  webster  both

  • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss
  • Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories by Richard Webster
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate
  • The Portal to Past Life Insight & The Portal to Finding Life Lesson by Lynn C. LeBlanc
  • For fiction lovers – The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose

My Second Book

I am happy to announce my second book is now available. It is about past lives and life lessons. Order on-line from Friesen Press Bookstore or see my website for more details.

I hope you all enjoy the book and can apply the concepts in your own life. Remember the worksheets at the end of the book are exercises specifically designed for you and your journey.


Remember the first book is also still available.


Thanks again for all your continued support!

13 Things to Know About Past Lives

  1. You die in each one.
  2. You were a man in some.cemetary2
  3. You were a woman in some.
  4. You died peacefully in some.
  5. You died tragically in some.
  6. You were kind in some.
  7. You were not kind in some.
  8. You learn something in every life.
  9. The regrets in your life shape your next life.
  10. You are written into other people’s journeys.
  11. You affect other soul’s journeys in each life.
  12. The easiest way to guarantee who you will be in your next life is to hate them in this one.
  13. You create the general script for each life.

Transferring Skills from Past Lives

musicThere are many reasons to review past lives. One most people do not know about is to bring back skills to your current life.

One of my clients was a shy, high school graduate looking for her first job. She had a difficult time expressing herself, especially her strengths and what she could offer an organization.

We went back to a life where she was a confident woman who found her strength early in life. She learned quickly how to persuade those around her and control her life and destiny.

The girl, who walked into my office that day, walked out a different woman. By remembering who she had been we brought back some key traits. We skipped right over building confidence to having confidence.

There are lots of skills that can be transferred. Musicality, public speaking, productivity, fertility, and humor are just a few.

Be aware however, that sometimes there are reasons these skills are not in one’s current life. Sometime we write these abilities out of our lives for specific reasons which can be important to the script or life lesson we are working on.

baby1For example many people write children out of their lives. It is interesting to note the difference between those who are at peace with that decision, and those desperately wanting children anyways.

So although skills can be transferred into your current life, remember to check and see why they were not written-in in the first place.

Past Life Insight – Where is my soul mate?

holding-handsSarah traveled half way around the world to find her soul mate. He was in an unhappy marriage, living in a small village off the coast of Africa. There was no way he could move to Canada to be with his soul mate. And Sarah wasn’t going to leave her high-tech life of to live in such a primitive world.

The only reason they met was to shake up their lives.

Their souls had made a deal to stay apart until they had accomplished specific things. Since they were not making any progress towards these goals, Sarah and Kobe met to remind them. Their souls arranged this serendipitous meeting to get the physical them back on track, learning their life lessons.

In this life, Sarah and Kobe were not meant to be together.

Remember souls have hundreds of lives to be together. So sometimes, for certain reasons, souls agree to be apart.

Sarah could have, and most likely would have, spent a lot of time, money, and energy trying to force something that her soul would have ultimately sabotaged. The insight that they were not supposed to be together allowed Sarah to move on. She got beyond the “what ifs” and began living in her “now”.

If you are supposed to be with your soul mate, your soul will find a way. Trust that your subconscious, which is connected directly to your soul, has your best interest in mind.

If however, you want more than to live on trust, start communicating with your subconscious. The answers are there, within you.

Insight is the key to understanding.

Breast cancer brings back memories of a tragic past life

“Remember when you had those iron shots”, my husband said. “Wouldn’t it be funny if the lump turned out to be iron?” Good thing my husband and I have a similar warped sense of humor.

This comment was not as weird as it sounds. My butt is still black from those injections and that was over eighteen months ago.

His comment made me laugh. It also tripped me into a scene from a past life.


I found myself in a dark room. Slowly, as if turning up an old oil lamp, a faint glow grew to illuminate the scene. A young boy, probably fourteen, sat in a ladder-back chair with a woven rush seat staring at a large oval mirror.

The silver backing of the mirror had deteriorated leaving rust spots over most of its surface. Only a small portion of the image remained.

But the boy was not watching his reflection. In the mirror, a couple danced across his view. A smile lit his face, and I stretched to see more.

Just like the boy, I was transfixed. An unknown force pulled me closer and closer.

Before I know what was happening, I felt strong arms wrap around me. I had become the woman in the mirror.

“You shouldn’t be here.” The words came from my lips. But I knew this woman, Roselyn, longed to be with this man, Beau.

Marc3Smirking, Beau whirled Roslyn around the floor. “I should be wherever you are my dear,” he said. “Look how I make you laugh.”

Despite herself, she smiled. She couldn’t resist him.

“My mere presence makes you shine like a brass button.”

The dark blue jacket of his uniform emphasized his broad, protective shoulders. His white gloved hands were only slightly suggestive against the curve of her back. And his buttons – his brass buttons reflected the dimples in his seductive cheeks. For such a professional soldier, Beau’s rakish charm definitely shone through – at least to her.

No other man had ever made her feel this way. The sight of him was balm to her weathered soul. His embrace made her believe in forever.

Even though they had met only once before, their connection was obvious. When he entered the room, he searched for her, like a flame seeking a moth. And as the flame drew near, the moth fluttered nervously.

My heart quivered in unison, feeling Roslyn’s response. But something felt wrong.

What was it?

Her response to his presence was not simply excitement. It was much more intense. It contained an undercurrent of – danger. Anticipation mingling with fear. But fear of what?

Everyone watched as Beau guided Roslyn through the intricate steps of the dance. The yellow of her ball gown matched exquisitely the color of his epaulets. Her delicate features enhanced his masculine frame. They made a striking pair.

Around them, couples danced. Influential military staff mingled. Food and flowers decorated tables throughout the room. The Virginia mansion was a beautiful backdrop for this captivating scene. Nothing marred its perfection.

Through the grand foyer entered a Confederate officer. With a controlled expression he scanned the room. His jaw clenched as he followed the crowd’s gaze to the shining couple on the dance floor. Dancing. Laughing. Flirting. The two were obviously lovers, this handsome Union soldier and his wife.

Roslyn was openly displaying her disregard for him and their marriage. Even though he had done the same to Roslyn, on numerous occasions, the reverse was unacceptable. She was making a mockery of him in front of everyone. His West Point peers, his superiors, and the few friends he had made in Virginia. He knew their laughter was aimed at him.

Unseen by the couple, he left the house. Minutes later he returned with his new service weapon in hand. As he raised his long rifle and took aim, the crowd divided. For the first time Roslyn saw her husband’s hateful glare. Knowing his intent, and knowing his deadly accuracy, she threw herself in front of the handsome stranger.

A shot sounded, and the world blurred around them.

Roslyn’s eyes locked with Beau’s. As she fell into his embrace, he held her close, lowering her to the ground.

“Stay with me,” he whispered.

Roses3Blood seeped through her bodice and onto his white gloves. The large lead round had penetrated her breast. It would be over quick. Locked in his arms, she felt no pain.

“Roslyn, stay with me. I will take you away from here. I will build you a wondrous house overlooking the river, with room for our children to run. I will even get you a dog.

“Stay with me, Roslyn. Please…stay.”

Tired, Roslyn closed her eyes as she listened. A single tear escaped her lashes and trickled down her cheek. They were nice dreams. Unfortunately they would have to wait.

Within minutes, her body slumped in his arms. She was gone.

As her soul left that body, I felt its longing echo in mine. Our souls were one, and now I remembered the loss that occurred in that moment. Roslyn had never been with Beau except on the dance floor that one night. She never felt his kiss. She never found their forever. Pledged to another, honour-bound to keep her vows, Roslyn sacrificed herself to save this stranger.

Breast cancer was not the first time I had a lump in my breast. When I researched rifles from that era, I found that the musket ball from that particular rifle was 1.18 inches. The lump in my breast is three centimeters – exactly 1.18 inches.

I pray the lump I have in this life can successfully be removed. Then maybe Beau, whose soul resides in my husband, and Roslyn can finally live a long happy life together.